Bay Area Graffiti ’80s-’90s Early Bombing

Bay Area Graffiti ‘80s—‘90s: Early Bombing is the product of a new exciting collaboration by SFaustina and Jocelyn Superstar. The two have authored a 208 page A-Z index hardcover book of the most prolific bombers of the ‘80s—‘90s, which is published by Mark Batty Publishers and includes interviews and photographs with such San Francisco Bay Area graffiti greats as Bigfoot, Buter, Ceaver, Cycle, Cuba, Eskimo/Moz, Fate/Venem, Geso, Giant, Jocelyn Superstar, Juice, Kept/Red, Kr, Log, Mize, Mes, Mq, Mr. Left, Pesk/Fword, Pez, Puzl, Renos, Safari, Skert, Spie, Teacher/Gift, UB40, Veks, Vegan, Ver, and Wart. Many other big name graffiti artists are featured in the book as well with multiple page photo spreads. Just a few of these include Amaze, Benet, Meta, Reminisce, Revok, Twist, and a ten-page section for Tie/Seo containing interviews with a number of his friends. Also integrated into the book is a six-page girls section, which celebrates the women of Bay Area graffiti and their unique styles. Bay Area Graffiti ‘80s—‘90s: Early Bombing is a different kind of book than has ever been written before and its viewpoint is highly personal because both authors, a male and a female, have together brought over 40 years of graffiti experience to the plate. The result is a winning combination.

Bay Area Graffiti ’80–’90: Early Bombing
By SFaustina & Jocelyn Superstar
Graffiti & Street Art, Photography

208 pages
ISBN: 9781935613176
US $45 UK £ 32 CA $53
Publisher Mark Batty Publishing (MBP)
Release date: March 2011

April 12, 2011 Graffiti Books